Loveable comedian Anne Marie Scheffler stars in this hit one woman comedy about dating again after your marriage ends.

Anne Marie takes the audience on her roller-coaster journey from happily married mom to full-fledged divorced “MILF.” (It stands for Mothers are Incredible, Lovely and Fantastic. What do you think it means?)

Anne Marie navigates dating apps (to Tinder or not to Tinder?!), old boyfriends, one-night stands, just having a lot of sex (It’s healing!) and learning to love again. Though her children are her world, her world has changed, and she needs her fellow MILFs to fill in the space left by her divorce. Based on Anne Marie's own life, this is as powerful as it is funny. A must-see girls’ night out. Because after marriage… comes dating!

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Join Anne Marie as she looks for love, sex and Santa with her BFFs Terry and Kendra on Christmas Eve. They write The Book of MILFs, visit ghosts of boyfriends past, and deal with Daddy Issues. This is the show that asks "what do you really want?" And "how good can you stand it?" You get to have it all! Who knew?


Audience testimonial

hot and clever! Anne marie is a hero to women! this show is empowering. anne marie has survived the things many women have gone through or are going through and she bravely puts it on stage with humour! 

Audience testimonial

What a fantastic show by Anne Marie!!
I'm such a big fan of this fellow Mum (AKA MILF).
Turned out to be another hilarious show.
Great writing. Fantastic acting. Lots of laughs!

S. M.
Audience testimonial

"She was ADORED!"

K. C.
Audience testimonial

Such a great night out! Anne Marie, you rocked it with your incredibly honest, hilarious and poignant take on life after marriage. Thank you for bringing your heart and experience to the stage!

Audience testimonial

Anne Marie Scheffler, you and your show are an inspiration to all of us single guys and dolls. Tinder on, Anne Marie. We will always swipe you to the right!

Audience testimonial

As a result, the jokes and dead-on observations come from some very dark, funny and sad places. The best and richest, type of humour.

Audience testimonial

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